Suggestions For Raising Non-Violent Children

With so much violence in our world, parents are more concerned than ever about the dangers facing their children.

If you are one of those parents trying to raise your children in a non-violent environment, you need to prepare yourself for the challenges.

Children’s entertainment, including video games and cartoon shows often show characters yelling, screaming, plotting revenge and hitting each other.

While it is really a tough challenge to raise children with non-violence, here are plenty of suggestions which will hopefully help to some extent.

Avoid violent words

Children mostly learn from their parents, so try to stop yourself using violent words and messages at home. This will stop your kids from picking up bad habits and avoid violence to some extent.

Teach them using words

When they are very young, most children express their anger by hitting themselves or others. Teach your child to express anger in healthy and appropriate ways. Teach them to use words to express their anger instead of physical displays or hitting.

Teach polite conflict resolution skills

Whenever they have conflicts with their friends, children will try to hit each other. Try to teach your kids polite and respectful conflict resolution skills. This is a simple yet valuable way to help your children avoid violence.

Apart from these hints, discourage violent TV shows, news reports and toys. In addition, teach your child how to handle disagreement and violence in appropriate ways.


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