Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

Words really hurt little kids, even though you don’t mean to hurt your children, at times your glib words can really hurt a little one’s heart and they can develop a negative impression about you.

Teaching discipline [Child discipline] using hurtful words is a bad idea and you should avoid it at all costs.

Here are a few things you should avoid saying to your children:

“Stop crying otherwise I’ll really give you something to cry”

Though children often cry for things that seem trivial to you, it is not always easy to avoid getting frustrated. You need to be careful that you don’t ever offer consolation in a way that will encourage your child to cry more.child crying

Do whatever you want”

At times you say “NO” to your child just because the things that your child is asking for are expensive on your part or it takes time and effort to get them.

The worst mistake that any parent can make is to say no in a harsh way and give them an opportunity to whine.

Do as I say and not as I do”

This is the worst thing that a parent can say to their children. There is always scope for children to copy you, so don’t try to make mistakes which can be repeated by your children.

Other than these three, you should also avoid:

  1. “Tell me what you are thinking”
  2. “You are just fine”
  3. “Words can’t hurt you”
  4. “ I give up”


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