Tips for Parenting Teenage Girls

Parenting teenage girls is often amongst the most difficult stages. There are so many hormones doing through the girl’s body that she has no way of knowing how to control her emotions. This often leads to outbursts, crying and anger at different times of the day. The good news is that there is some help with this stage.

Parenting teenage girls tip 1 – Continue to explain why something is wrong

The basic of parenting techniques should not be thrown out of the window. You will need to continue to teach your child right from wrong and about the behavior you expect. This may be something that the teenager does not want to listen to and mood swings and attitudes will get in the way; just persevere.

The good news is that in a few short years this will change and your daughter will go back to the loving and caring person that she once was.

Tip 2 – Talk to your daughter

The best thing that you can do while parenting teenage girls is continue to talk to your daughter and let her know that you are here. Moms will know exactly what the teenage girl is going through and this will help the bond to grow closer. Dads will not know but may have an idea if they have sisters.

Teenagers just need to know that you will be there to support them when they need it and will listen when they have a problem. If they feel closed off from you – maybe because of a mistake that they have made – it will lead to them not talking and acting out in other ways.

Tip 3 – Be supportive

This is the time that your daughter will make decisions on her career and the goals that she has in life. No matter how strange or silly they sound to you, they are not to her and she will need to know that you support her. Do this by helping her find placements and jobs in that career choice or aiding with finding a college course.

If she is choosing a career that is very short term or something with a lot of competition – such as dancing, acting or sports – you may want to offer ideas as a backup career. Make it clear that you are supporting her in her career choice but you want her to make sure that there is another door in case her current one closes. However, support her choices and do not push your dreams onto her.

Tip 4 – Safety

Your daughter will be finding herself and about who she really is, but this means going out without you and meeting new friends. While parenting teenage girls you will find it also means finding new sites on the internet. This is an exciting time for her but also dangerous and she will need to be aware of that.

It is likely that you taught your daughter not to take candy from strangers but this is something that is commonly forgotten about in later years – your daughter will think she knows better than you.


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