Tips On Stepping Back And Letting Your Child Grow

Marni Jackson, author of Home Free: The Myth of the Empty Nest speaks about modern parenting, which can make it difficult for parents to let go. Her advice is –

  • We work too hard at mothering and perhaps should learn some un-mothering. Families are closer these days and so letting go is that much more work.
  • There is too much blame being attached to parenting for a number of problems. This expectations that kids should leave their home at a particular age, is a bit of a mistake; over the world it isn’t so. The expectation that kids should suddenly grow up at age 18 may be unreasonable, since there is a real difference between growing up and leaving home.
  • It is her view that this age of 18 concept perhaps came about due to the world wars because this was the age at which it was considered OK for young boys to go to war.
  • Parents today perhaps protect their children more than they actually need, out of the desire to keep them safe, which after a point is not possible to do, which can make one feel helpless.
  • It is important for parents to have more faith in the way that their kids navigate the future.



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