10 Tips to Be More Organized As a Parent

An organized parent is a parent who is less stressed and who generally has a better handle on all of the million and one things that need doing under the umbrella term ‘parenting’.

1. Fix Age appropriate responsibilities – This helps out with the chores around the house and also helps a child learn responsibility. For instance the little ones can help fold the laundry (at least up to a point) and the older ones can help do the laundry occasionally.

2. De-clutter – Periodically go through books, clothes, toys, bed linen and even furniture. Consider what you are using, and what is simply creating clutter. Sort, chuck or donate stuff on a regular basis.

3. Help kids organize toys – Rather than have one big dump box for toys, have several smaller containers. This makes it easy for kids to access their toys and also makes the tidying up that much easier.

4. Schedule your own chores – don’t let it get to a point that it seems overwhelming.

5. Teach kids the rudiments of time management – If a child is back from school at say 3 in the afternoon and bed time is 9, help a child organize and prioritize those six hours in terms of play, study, exercise, TV viewing and so on.

6. Eat at least one meal together each day – This is one way to prioritize time together as a family and good way to unwind and discuss a day. This is another way to make sure that the kids are eating healthy.

7. Enforce the rule “everything in its place and a place for everything” – It is a simple rule that perhaps grandma swore by, but it is a terrific organizational tool. If you as well as your child knows to keep each item only in its specific place there is less clutter and you know exactly where to find it the next time you need it.

8. Help with homework – At first kids may need a bit of help understanding concepts, later you can help with setting time tables and organizing study material.

9. Limit TV time – TV can be a real waste of time for kids. Limit TV time to one hour a day, and try and make sure that what the kids are watching is educational or at least appropriate.

10. Don’t forget fun – Schedule something interesting and fun for the entire family each weekend so there is something to look forward to.


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