Tips To Choose First Books For Your Child

The first books that you buy for your child reading should be simple, colorful and above all sturdy.

Understand that the first enjoyment that a child will get from a book is tactile, then visual and later the pleasure of a good story.

Give a child a book when he or she has just started to grab and hold on to things and the kind of enjoyment that he or she will get from it is that of touch.

He or she will enjoy holding the book, turning it over, dropping it and of course putting it into the mouth.reading

So the first book that you get should be light but strong. There are certain infant safe books that can double as a teether or a rattle.  Many are made from water proof material which can be used by baby while bathing as well.

One great idea for a first book is the kind that changes color when immersed in hot water. This helps act as a thermometer to warn a parent when the water is too hot and is a fun and safe bath toy for the child.

Board books are ideal for when a child first starts to take an interest in books. They are resistant to wetting tearing or coming apart, brightly illustrated and brief, making them ideal for young babies. They can also be cleaned easily when your baby decides that it may be an interesting plate to eat off.


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