Tips To Increase Attention Span In Your Children!

Parents with children, who are school going, generally complains about their inability to make their children study for sometime with concentration.

If it is exams time then it is more tough time for the parents to get their children sit down and study.

Some children are not that motivated and some have short attention span, which cannot make them to focus on studies for more time.parenting tip

Children with this short attention span do not have patience to listen or wait until their turn to talk. Also, it is hard for them to complete the task left in the middle if they are interrupted.

If your child has short attention span, you need to create a comfortable atmosphere for your child where there is a chance of improvement in the attention span.

Tips to improve attention span in your child!

Instead of forcing your child to study, it is better for you to set a study routine for your child, so that they will not feel the studies as burden.

Set fixed timings for sleep also, but before doing so remember to know when your child feels easy to concentrate; is it the early mornings or in the late evenings. Accordingly, you set the sleep timings for your child.

Since there is certain limit for the children’s attention span, you need to make sure that no external factors are disturbing your child while studying. These external disturbances can divert the children’s attention span.

Do not allow your child study comfortably in a sofa, bed, or a recliner since these things will cause children to fall asleep easily. The straight back chair with table is best for children, which helps to stay them active with good concentration.

Avoid your child playing video games much before study time as they can distract the mind and put off child’s mind from engaging in concentration.

Keep a goal for your child that he or she should reach the goal in an hour or certain extent of time. Also, you need to help your child to classify the study material.

Do not give your child heavy meals or any such things before study time, as that will make children lazy and lethargic. So, it is best to give nutrition food such as milk, juices, fruits, etc.

You need to sit behind your child, which makes your child feel confident. In doing so, you can convey that you are there with his/her efforts and it can reduce the chance of diverting their concentration.

The main role in motivating the children is you. The more amount of time you spend with children, the more quality of concentration they can get on studies. Remember to know the interests of your children and teach them only when they show interest the most. Children who are allowed to follow interests will definitely enjoy their studies.

You need to have more patience in increasing your children’s attention span because this can be achieved over a long period of time with little increments.


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