Tips to Keep your Kids Safe Online

Hearing about children being stalked online is enough to petrify most parents, making one wonder what can be done to keep kids safe online. Here are some internet safety tips for kids and parents that could help –

  • Parents should monitor and treat online social activity of a child in much the same way as a child’s real world activity. As you would explain the dangers present in the real world, so should you explain what can lurk online. Further explain that not being face to face with the person doesn’t necessarily protect one.
  • Experts agree that computers should be placed in public areas and that kids should not be able to access the internet from their own rooms.
  • Set clear limits and boundaries for computer and internet use. It is best that a child has only one email address and that parents also have access to it.
  • Make it clear that personal details, addresses, PIN numbers, phone numbers and financial information is never to be shared online.
  • Check the ESRB rating on video games to see if they are suitable.


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