TV Violence Effect on Children Facts

People always wanted more freedom and starting with 2010 there is absolutely no censorship in the TV shows. This should make parents think about TV violence effect on children facts.

Whenever a child turns on the TV, he or she will see scenes containing physical or sexual aggression and use of illegal substances.


According to official information, children between the ages of 2 and 18 spend about 3 hours per daywatching TV. It is interesting to know that according to specialists children’s shows contain the most violence of all the TV programs. Statistically speaking, a cartoon has about 20 violent scenes in an hour.

Scary Facts

If you start adding up regarding the truth about the effects of TV violence on kids you will realize that by the age of 18 a child will have seen about 200,000 scenes of violence and about 16,000 simulated murders. From this point of view children are in danger because they can’t make the difference between reality and fiction.


When it comes to the TV violence effect on children facts, people say that in TV shows heroes often use violence as a means to make justice. If children are exposed to such behavior, they will accept violence as a way of resolving their problems.


About 30% of the parents claim that their children got scared or frightened because of a TV news story. When watching TV, in 60% of the time spent with this activity children are bombarded with scenes of violence.

Imagine that if children see that they are surrounded by violence they will think of the world as a sinister and dark place. This is known as the ‘mean world’ syndrome.


The TV violence effects over children result in fear and as a response, children will start carrying a weapon and they will become more aggressive. There were a lot of studies conducted in this field and all of them show a direct relationship between TV violence and the behavior of children.

Parents should think about the TV violence effect on children facts before they turn the TV on. It might be a better idea to read a story instead.


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