7 Effective Ways to Approach a Shy Toddler

Shy toddlers or children may be difficult to approach because of their discomfort at talking with new people or even relatives. Shy toddlers don’t open up to everyone that easily and take their time adjusting in new surroundings and with new people. But by following the given below 7 tips and suggestions, you can approach a shy toddler easily and in a friendly manner.

Ways to Approach a Shy Toddler

1. Get down on their level

You must always make it a point to sit down beside the toddler or kneel down to his level while interacting with him.  If little toddlers see people taller than them, they often get nervous and shy away from talking. So getting down to their level can be the first step towards breaking the ice.  This also helps to prevent intimidating them.

2.  Speak quietly

Shy children often get scared or uncomfortable with loud voices so it’s best to speak to them quietly.  Be kind to them and speak as softly as possible.  If you make your tone of speaking inviting and welcoming, the child will open up to you much easily.

3.  Make introductions

Another good way to approach a shy toddler is by introducing yourself to him.  This will help them know who you are and will thereby make them feel comfortable.  Tell him your name and say a little bit about yourself.

4.  Smile and laugh

Make sure you smile a lot when you talk to a shy toddler. Smiling will make them feel that you are being friendly and help them open up to you much easily and quickly. Laugh when you can and make them laugh by playing with them or joking.

5.  Play with them

Shy or not, all toddlers love playing and they love those people the most who play with them. After initial introductions and breaking the ice, try playing with them using a stuff toy or one of the favorite games. This will help them know that you are friendly and help them trust you.

6.  Make them talk

If you keep talking yourself with shy toddlers, they won’t get an opportunity to open up. Talk to them but do not speak too much. Let them speak to help them break the barrier of shyness.

7. Don’t try too hard

Avoid trying too hard to get a shy toddler’s attention as this will make you seem desperate.

Photo Credit By: thesingleparentfamily.com


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