5 Ways to Teach Children to Apologize

Apologizing is a good habit which parents must teach their children about. This not only helps them accept responsibility but also is a good habit upon which they will be judged all their lives. Children who do not apologize for their mistakes from the beginning will find it difficult to do it later on in life as well.

Saying sorry does not mean putting your ego down but is something through which relationships can be maintained as well as improved. The following are the 5 ways to teach children to apologize.

ways to teach children to apologize

1. Act as an Example

The best way to teach children to apologize is to set an example in front of them from the very beginning.  If you are ever wrong or have done wrong, admit it and apologize in front of your children.  Tell them the reason why you made the mistake and ask for their apology. Saying sorry is a sign of strength and you must teach your kids that.

2. Forgive your Kids Often

Apologies and forgiveness are tied to one another and if you wish to teach kids to say sorry, you must also teach them how to forgive. If they do a mistake and are hesitant of saying sorry, tell them you forgive them on your own as this will give them the courage to apologize from the next time.  They must learn to say ‘I forgive you’ easily.

3. Teach them to Say ‘Excuse Me’

Besides saying sorry, kids must also be able to say excuse me while getting up from dinner, after burping, after sneezing and when they are late. This helps them to apologize for causing any kind of discomfort to others and is another way to say I’m sorry. Bringing up kids with these habits has a huge impact on them.

4. Teach them When to Say Sorry

Besides teaching them to say sorry, you must also teach children when to say sorry. You must teach them to say sorry on hurting someone, not obeying instructions, making mistakes, speaking inappropriately, disrespecting elders etc. when they know when to say sorry, they will be better equipped to apologize.

5. Teach them Difference Between Good and Bad

Unless kids do not know the difference between the good and the bad, they will never apologize for the bad. So make this difference clear to them from the very beginning.


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