What Are The Different Interpretations A First Time Parent Should Know Regarding Newborn Cries?

You had a baby! Congratulations! Becoming a parent for the first time can be bewildering experience.

You are much more excited about your baby.

A significant transition in your life is the experience of becoming a first time parent.

Confused with newborn cries! You and your partner will become overwhelmed at the beginning as there is much to learn.

First time parent will be confused when newborn baby cries. First time parent cannot interpret if newborn cries that much easily.First Time Parent

Don’t panic. Babies cry and there is no way to avoid it. It is the only way they communicate. Some of them say it is okay to let your baby cry.

Many experts and doctors assure you of it. But, as a first time parent you feel there is something wrong in allowing your baby to cry. Even if you are exhausted, you will not allow your baby to cry.

Different interpretations! There are different interpretations regarding newborns and crying. People in previous generations stressed the importance of allowing a baby to cry to clear their lungs from stress of birthing process.

The next generation believed that crying it out method is a valid option to avoid spoiling them. But now-a-days, people think that responding to newborn cry cannot spoil them.

Face it; as babies have never known hunger, pain or discomfort in your womb until they are born. So they need a way to release some of the frustration.

As you are a first time parent, it becomes a difficult task to soothe baby always when they cry. If you pick up the baby and comfort her every time she cries, you find yourself eventually crying right alongside with the baby.

Experts who suggest comforting the crying baby always will be saints or they never had babies of their own. As a first time parent, you will be scared to allow your baby to cry.

You fear that something is really wrong with the baby. But one great thing about the babies is they will let you know if they are in pain.

It is important for the first time parent to trust their sense and be comforted that they will surely realize the baby’s cry if there is something wrong.

It becomes clearly obvious when quiet cry is changed to a loud scream. You rush to the nursery feeling that you can’t get to the baby quick enough.

You realize afterwards that the affection forced you to run. These types of things happen often and as a first time parent you become comfortable in recognizing serious cries slowly.

But, until that, it is normal for the first time parent to respond to each and every cry. Either of two things happens. The first thing is you realize when cries fade away on their own and react accordingly. The second thing is you can’t remember a good night sleep.

Both the ways are not correct because the important thing is to react the way that feels most comfortable to the parent. First time parents rather miss out on sleep and comfort their baby rather than ignoring their cries.

There is absolutely nothing wrong. You can allow your baby to cry once in a while. If you always take your baby from the crib each time she cries, she cannot learn how to sleep. Your baby always expects you to soothe to make her sleep.

First time parent should learn that allowing their babies to cry at sometimes is natural. You should be confident that your baby sleeps through the night without crying out or takes a little longer time than others.


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