Why Teaching Your Child Not To Be Racist Is Important?

It acts as a challenge for parents, and it aims to shake and reform the old beliefs in parents.

Persuading children to have friends from various races but yourself selecting your friends on the basis of race is not a good example.

It prepares your children for the world, knowing that the world is multi racial and multi cultural, it is better to make your child well adapted to all sorts of people. It helps children to work together as one, by forgetting these racial differences.parenting kid

It is our basic responsibility, as we instil values in our children; it is our prime responsibility to inculcate the values of anti-racism as well. This is the best we can do as an attempt to make the world a better place.

It fosters compassion in children, and compassion is the crux of such parenting, without which, anti racist parenting is futile.

It promotes secularism, anti racist parenting helps to nurture the feeling of acceptance towards variety and admire and appreciate different cultures and backgrounds and their histories.

It bridges gaps in a child’s education; you should not rely only on schools to instil anti racist values in their child.

They themselves should make efforts to do their bit while teaching them, but in the end children will often mirror their parent’s opinions.


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