A New Beginning for Parents John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Less than two months ago, Benjamin Travolta was born to Hollywood celebrity couple Kelly Preston and John Travolta who have called their new born baby “nothing less than a miracle” and a “new beginning” for their entire family.

About two years ago, the couple lost their 16 year old son Jett in a devastating and rather public tragedy and this new arrival has done much to buoy the spirits of the family.


Benjamin has not only brought new joy to everyone around him, this healthy young baby has given everyone a renewed purpose and a new beginning and is doing beautifully well too.

Of their 16 year old son Jett, who died when the family was vacationing in Bahamas, the couple say that the memories of Jett will never leave them, and there isn’t a moment that they don’t think of him.

Meanwhile they are hands on parents to their newborn, with daddy Travolta changing diapers and singing to the infant who co-sleeps next to his mother for ease of breast feeding. It was a silent birth for the parents who are Scientologists.

Earlier Preston was reported to have said about their children, “you can never spoil them with too much love”!


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