A New Inspiring Care Homes Concept

Usually when people think about Care Homes they have in mind the old fashioned places where there is a personnel taking care of elderly people.

However there is another alternative for this purpose that allows older people to have a healthier, more active life in a network of communities that is an alternative to the traditional concept.

Extra Care Charitable Trust

This trust operates 12 different retirement villages and 17 housing developments that are smaller. The residents can expect to have a safe and secure future. All they have to do is to buy or rent a home and they will receive award winning care while they can enjoy a range of social opportunities.

Key features

The care that the residents receive depends on their personal needs. The staff can support the residents even in case of dementia. It is good to know that the facilities and homes can be accessed by wheelchair as well. Each home comes with an emergency pull cord that is connected to the care team.

The emergencies are assessed and treated by the care team. When it comes to the Care Homes of this kind keep in mind that they have a holistic approach. As a result the residents can end up learning new skills. The staff works together as one team, offering the best care to the residents.

Accessing the services

In case of each resident the needs will be assessed through care assessment. The residents receive care from the staff of Extra Care and from the local team. Once you agree with the social worker on the care that you would like to get and the budget that you have, you will receive the care accordingly.


The staff will help you get in and out of bed and they also help you maintain the health of your skin. They also help with personal hygiene, including full bathing. You will also receive assistance with dressing including choosing the clothes and support with dressing.

The staff can help prepare the meals and they also offer assistance with feeding. Medication is very important for the residents and so they receive help with taking their medications as well. In some cases the housework is difficult for the residents and so they are assisted by the staff, the chores including cleaning, laundry, bed making and shopping.

People might want to give a shot to the Care Homes because they offer features which will help the elderly folk have a full life.


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