Attachment Parenting Creates Strong Bonds

Attachment parenting is a way of looking at the job of parenting that involves treating the child with respect and encouraging a secure bond between parents and child.

This bond gives the child a sense of confidence; helps develop better self-esteem, independence, and the ability to form effective relationships with others.

Dr. William Sears, noted pediatrician, author, and father, first used the term “attachment parenting.”attachment parenting

He supports bonding with the baby as soon as possible after the baby is born, breastfeeding on demand, “wearing” the baby in a sling, co-sleeping with your infant, responding to your baby’s cries rather than letting the baby cry it out, and having a balanced approach to bringing your baby into the family.

If you have never tried using a sling, you will be surprised to find that there are a number of different styles available. The best baby carriers are slings that are sized appropriately for the parent using the sling. There are a number of websites online that can show you the wide variety of ways to position your baby in the sling.

Babies who are often “worn” in slings are generally calmer and have more periods of quiet alertness. One added bonus is that strangers are less likely to reach out and touch your baby if you are wearing it in a sling as opposed to giving it a ride in a stroller.

Because attachment parenting is a style of parenting rather than a list of specific requirements, it is never too early or too late to adopt this style.

At the heart of attachment parenting is seeking to bring out the best in every child and their parent, something which lies at the heart of every parent as well.


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