Baby First TV, Recommended By Some Parents

TV viewing can be a boon and a curse for parents: while the idiot box can be a source of problems such as a sedentary child who just want to watch TV and is subject to certain bad influences from the TV, it is also a blessing for harried parents who count on TV programs to keep their children occupied and from where perhaps the children may learn something of value.

Most parents will admit (albeit reluctantly) that they have had to use the TV as a babysitter at some or other point. When you do have to let your child watch TV; and mostly it is inevitable that a child enjoys and wants to watch TV; then you have to find suitable channels and programming for children.watching tv1

It is important to find programming that is age appropriate and preferably without commercials. It is often commercials that give a child unfortunate ideas and make them demanding and unreasonable about certain food items and toys.

In light of the concerns that parents invariably have about TV programs and children’s TV viewing, Baby first TV claims to be “specifically tailored to meet the needs of infants and toddlers.” Parents can select the correct programming level in accordance with the requirement of their child and as per the age of their child (ren).

With programs such as Peekaboo I See You, Harry the Bunny, Hide and Seek, Rainbow Horse, Numbers around the Globe and My Gym at Home there are several age appropriate programs that help with the development and education of your baby.

Programs are designed to help your baby recognize words, colors, shapes and other basic concepts. They even have programs designed to help your baby fall asleep and get a restful night’s sleep.

The website of the TV channel says that this is the only TV network made for babies and toddlers and that development and educational experts have designed the shows to help a baby learn skills and pick up useful concepts.

The other thing that is a big plus with this TV channel is the lack of commercials.

While parents can monitor a TV program’s suitability in terms of age and other kinds of appropriateness, there is really no way that a parent can monitor what kind of advertisements the child will be watching.

Those can well be inappropriate and downright harmful so that is again something to recommend Baby First TV.


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