Be A Better Parent With Attachment Parenting

The child’s growth outside the parents’ care can lead them to a strong attachment to their caregivers. This could lead to a lifelong battle in bringing back the child’s attachment to the real parents.

Attachment parenting is important on the child’s growth and developments especially in making them feel loved, secured and assured of their parents unending guidance.

Attachment parenting is a kind of parenting that allows you to build a strong bond with your child. This form of parenting is very popular especially with new parents.

Here is other basic information on how you can achieve attachment parenting:

Love and respect

Attachment parenting requires love and respect for your children and to the parents as well. Harmony in the family as well as eagerness to listen and respecting decisions at home can build a strong relationship among the members of the household.


Your awareness on your child’s needs develops attachment parenting. Making sure that you put your child first and listen to what they have to say and providing for their needs will enable the child to form a special bond with you.

Nurturing touch

A parent’s touch is the most nurturing and loving care a child can have. A simple light touch on their hands, a pat on their back or a kiss on their cheek will encourage them to trust you as their parents.

It is an assurance that your love and care will always be there. Attachment parenting allows you to show your affection to your child in simple gestures.

Ensure safety

Attachment parenting starts at an early stage. Toddlers can feel as if they are safe during the night or when they are far from their parents. Make sure you have time to tell them stories before bedtime. A simple bonding before sleeping time will make your child feel secure and safe.

Consistent loving care

Make sure your love for your child grows more and more every day. Not fading, but developing every time. Do not show them lack of interest for little things they’ve done that is less than what you expect of them.

Instead, build them up to a stronger personality. Attachment parenting is also about helping them discover and enhance their potentials.

Positive discipline

If you need to discipline your child, do this in a considerate way. Give them time to explain and do not punish them in such a way that it will diminish their sense of value and self respect.

In addition, you should provide them with positive reinforcements. In cases when they make a mistake, let them understand why they’re being punished. This way, they’ll learn to do the right thing the next time around.

Balance in personal and family life

Attachment parenting can only be achieved if you have a balance treatment on your personal and family life. Make sure that you have time for yourself to unwind once in a while and come out of strenuous situation without sacrificing your time, love and attention to your family.


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