Boomerang Children – Not Such A Bad Idea

The economic climate being what it is, we have all seen instances of Boomerang children – kids who moved out and made their own nest and family years ago, have to move back in with the parents due to layoffs, financial stringency, housing problems etc., very often with spouse and kids in tow. Is this really such a bad idea?

Consider the story of Carol Matusicky’s 34-year-old daughter who moved back home with husband and child in tow.

Now that it is two beloved grandkids at home to see each day, Matusicky isn’t complaining – for her it’s “pure joy” to be able to see their grandkids each day and help out their own child.

Reginald Bibby, a sociologist at the University of Lethbridge, who has researched baby boomers, millennial generations and boomerang kids, points out a pertinent fact – parents are very often happy to have their kids back.

Consider the fact that this is a chance for re-parenting, so to speak; of doing over the years of struggle and balancing work and home that so many women had to undergo when working outside the home.

According to Bibby, his own son retuning 2 years after leaving home was a chance for him to focus on his son and make up for lost time spent concentrating on a career. And since the older generation have the financial means to help out question is, Why Not!



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