Check Common Mistakes Parents do with Teenagers

Parenting a teenage child can be the most stressful experience if not handled properly. You might feel you are on a roller coaster ride as you try to find a balance between the discipline you want to establish in your children’s life and help them grow into happy, adjusted adults and the resentment that you have to face as your teenager defies your attempts.

In the need to be an ideal parent for your teenage children you might fall prey to some of the common mistakes that most of us have made with our children at some point or the other. Here are a few mistakes that you can avoid when dealing with your teenage children.

common mistakes parents do with teenagers

Trying to save your child from Disappointment or Pain

As parents we try to save our children from the disappointments of life by forewarning them of what might happen as a result of some action they take. This is a wrong move, as in this way you are stopping your child from experiencing life and learning from their own mistakes.

No teacher is better than life itself and it is always better to let your teenager learn from his own mistakes. However, if you feel that your teenager is into drugs, alcohol or dangerous friends, then the best bet is to talk to him or her about it.

At this time you cannot let them learn from mistakes, since the mistake could have far reaching repercussions on the child’s life. Therefore, try to draw a balance between what you let your child do or what you stop him from and always remember that the objective you have is to make your child independent enough to face life’s challenges individually in the long run.

Being too Lenient in the Process of being a Friend to your Teenage Child

It is one thing to be a friend who would help your child to express himself and make him able to face life’s challenges by letting him or her make her own mistakes and learning from them; and it is entirely something else to become a pal to your teenager and let him do whatever he or she wishes with no control.

Both extremes are bad. Keep a judicious balance between the two extremes and set standards that the child is expected to achieve if at all he or she is going to get any privacy and control of his or her life.

Spending Less Time with your Child

You might feel that your bonny baby has grown up and feels better with his own age friends. Your teenage child may holler at you that you are too old to be hanging around with, but remember that the moment you take this teenager at face value, you are making the biggest mistake.

Spend time with your teenager. Make them a part of the decision making at home. Help them take responsibility around home. This will be the only way to make them into the well-adjusted, responsible adult you dream of.

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