Do Dads Undergo Hormone Changes As Well?

Mothers undergo hormonal changes from the time of conception to the time the baby is born and further.

Mood swings, depression or euphoric behavior may all be attributed to hormonal surges and ebbs. But, what about the dads? Do dads undergo hormonal changes as well?

Apparently fathers and particularly expectant fathers do undergo hormonal changes as well.

According to scientists, men undergo hormonal changes that are brought about by the stress of impending fatherhood.

It has been noted that when men are told that they are going to be fathers, their cortisol levels go up, putting their brains at alert about a life altering situation that is going to come about in their lives.

Perhaps it is a primitive, atavistic protective instinct that causes men to prepare for fatherhood by thinking in terms of having to provide for the family and get ready and prepared in time for a baby’s arrival.

Testosterone levels are also seen to fall at this time and researchers think that this may have helped the species to survive since it has helped nurture children into adulthood more effectively with two caregivers at hand.

So if you think fatherhood has made you feel and behave differently, don’t worry its par for the course!


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