Energy Drink Responsible For Death?

Joe and Vicki Keiran are claiming that the fruit punch flavored energy drink Four Loko was responsible for the accidental death of their son Jason by shooting. The parents of the dead 20 year old claim that drinking 3 cans of the drink, each can of which has 2.82 ounces of alcohol and about 156 milligrams of caffeine caused Jason to become maniacal and erratic, so that he accidentally shot himself.

energy-drinksThe Keirans’ son, Jason reportedly partied for 30 hours straight with friends and then picked up a gun – he started to “act crazy” and proceeded to point the gun at his head and that of his friends.

Parents have recently been up in arms against so called ‘energy drinks’ that mix alcohol and caffeine, which according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is three times more likely to cause people to binge drink than straight alcohol would. Dozens of students have been hospitalized after consuming these drinks.

According to the Keirans, society really doesn’t bother about underage drinking and these drinks actually take things to a completely unacceptable level. According to them, “it’s a like wolf in sheep’s clothing,” because they seem innocuous but in fact are dangerous.”


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