Family Based Lifestyle Changes Help Overweight Kids

According to researchers, parents who are fighting with obesity in children and teens should include effective changes to their routine lifestyle and help them think differently about exercise and eating habits.

According to Dr. Hiltje Oude Luttikhuis, of the Beatrix Children’s Hospital in Groningen, The Netherlands, for pre-adolescent kids’ involvement of parents plays a crucial role in dealing with overweight.

The study included 5,230 children in all and incorporated trails including increased physical activity, behavioral treatment, drug therapy and also on diet.

Children who participated in these trails did lose weight significantly. But, the study failed to show one particular method that was better than others.

But, ultimately it does confirmed that certain changes in behavioral lifestyle can certainly help kids to shed extra body pounds.

The study of lifestyle changes for overweight kids also intervened certain potential adverse effects of lifestyle changes like disordered eating behavior, worsening of psychological well being and growth stunting. None of these effects were noticed in children who participated in the study.

Evidence for this particular study shows that effective family based lifestyle changes including good behavioral program that is aimed for healthy eating, good exercise routine and thinking patterns can provide significant decrease in weight in both teens and kids.


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