Helicopter Parenting More Effective Than Previously Thought

Those parents known as helicopter parents have always generated comments on the ridiculous and exaggerated role they have over their children up to adult age.

These are parents who follow their children and help them out everywhere and in everything, even when they are adults and no longer at home.

Although this type of parents present obvious extremes, researchers have started arguing if this method of parenting is not in fact better than the more lax type.helicopter parenting

Previous research had indicated that “over-parenting” had a negative effect on development especially in adolescents’, now it may be that helicopter parents who always hover over their kids may be highly beneficial.

The adolescent and young adult have a lot to look out for during their years of development, they are faced with a myriad of problems related to drugs, sex, psychological and emotional stress as well as social integration.

This is why experts feel that parents should remain radically involved with their children’s choices, doubts and fear, way past childhood and into their adult phase.

Helicopter parenting does not mean taking your children’s decisions for them; it means guiding them into their careers and helping them financially when they cannot possibly make it on their own.

The children as they become adults must learn to fend for themselves, but parents have also the duty to help them out in their decisions without over doing it.

In a research conducted by the Indiana University’s Centre for Postsecondary research, it was found that the parents amongst the healthier students were actually of the helicopter type, which led to the conclusion that closer parents produced healthier and more confident adults, and not what can be thought of as incapable individuals.

However, it is important that helicopter parents also learn to keep a certain distance from their children’s decisions and that even if their children make wrong ones, they will be able to learn from the consequences of their own acts.


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