Help Your Child With Math – Use Everyday Experiences

To help a child get a good grasp over math is desirable not only for good school grades but also has application in everyday life.

It is never too early to introduce basic math concepts to your child, and here we found some useful suggestions:

Link math to daily activity: How would a bar of chocolate with 12 pieces be divided among three children? Introduce the concept of division. When you buy a pint of ice cream how much money do you hand over and how much gets handed back? Let your child do the math. By and by they will learn to calculate inside their head.

Create charts and graphs at home: These could denote household expenses, information about how math is used in different jobs, etc.

Making learning seem like fun rather than a chore is important so that the child is always receptive to new ideas, thoughts and never regards learning as burdensome.


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