High Stress Levels In Parents Of Children With Disabilities

A survey has demonstrated that the stress level in parents with children suffering disabilities can be very high as opposed to those with normal children, and on the long term can cause multiple health problems.

The study examined those parents whose children suffered disabilities such as Down syndrome, Bipolar disorder and deficit hyperactivity disorders and found that these families suffered from an enormous load of daily stress.

Telephone surveys were conducted, questioning parents about their daily stressors including both work and home environments.deficit hyperactivity disorders

The parents whose children suffered disabilities complained of at least 10 percent more stressors compared with parents who did not have the same problems, they also admitted having themselves suffered continual health problems.

Saliva samples were also taken to measure the varying levels of cortisol during the day, this element reveals there is a definite connection between stress and health disorders.

The cortisol levels increased substantially when the parents were spending more time with their children, thus revealing how stressful taking care of disabled children can be. You might need some practical support for your diabled child at home, for instance by using a stairlift.

The conclusions of the study reveal that parents with children who suffer from disabilities are in great need of stress reducing treatments for if the stress is not diminished, health problems will undoubtedly appear.

These parents need support in order to deal with the continual stress due to their children’s condition, but there is a substantial lack of funding in order to implement a serious anti-stress programme.


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