How To Deal Effectively With Weak Parenting Moments?

When you are a parent, and you want your child to grow up into a well adjusted and productive adult, then it can mean that you will be on the lookout for opportunities to teach your child responsibility and accountability.

You must remember one thing: almost all the children of this world can be rash, disobedient, self centered and self absorbed at various points of time and it is up to the parent to find the ways and means to teach their child that this may not be an acceptable way to live as they grow up.parenting tips1

For example, a child must be taught the basic rules of obedience and respect for what the other person is saying, at a young age.

There are scores of parents who use undesirable means to get their children to obey them; when they need their child to put the remote down, they may threaten, use anger, bribe [bribing children], or manipulate the child to obey.

This can be parenting’s weakest moments, because the child will only learn to please the parent and not learn the basic rules of behavior in the long run.

Some parents even pacify their children, or let them do what they want, so that there is peace at home. This is one of the worst things a parent can teach a child, and they will learn to disrespect authority as they grow up.

Another area of conflict in teaching children to behave is when one parent teaches one thing and the other teaches something else entirely different. This is a weak parenting style, and it can undermine the best intentions of the parent who tries to teach his child good behavior, when the other sends the child confusing and conflicting message. [child behavior problems]

After all, the child feels that the parent knows better than him in every circumstance, even though he may not acknowledge it, and he may get completely confused when he sees that both his parents do not agree on simple issues.

A parent has a responsible job to do, and whether he has weak or strong parenting moments, the job will still be out there waiting for him, and he has to fulfill his responsibilities with the best of his abilities, and ensure that his child grows into a conscientious and dependable adult.


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