In Defense of the Sunderland’s

Abby Sunderland being lost out at sea caused a furor, and most of all it called into question the wisdom of her parents (or the lack thereof) in sending a child aged 16 to circumnavigate the globe on her own.

And now Abby herself has come out in defense of her parents, after she was rescued by a French boat following a 20 hour search over the Indian ocean.

She claims that she is an excellent sailor who has been on boats her entire life, and that her parents were aware that she could do this.

She also stressed that storms and bad weather were a part of being at sea and that you had to take that as a part of it.

Though she is disappointed that she could not complete what she set out to accomplish her love for sailing remains unabated, and she knows that she will do it one day.

The justifications offered by the parents that children should be encouraged to face challenges however do become a little specious when it is revealed that there was the small matter of a reality TV deal for the family in the offing.

Suddenly the high minded intentions take on a different hue; that there were perhaps monetary considerations and the promise of fame that prompted the parents to permit their children to do what they did.


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