Is It Right To Reward Children?

Anyone who has ever taken care of a child will realize that you can get kids to do virtually anything by rewarding them with gifts.

However, if you want to become an effective and good parent, be very careful that you don’t overdo the rewards and that they are taught proper values.

However, junk food and money can occasionally act as rewards for small children in certain situations.

Always remember, though, that positive feedback for kids for what they have done is a more appropriate and more valuable way to reward kids.

Positive impact of rewarding:

When your child does something good either morally or academically, you should always reward him so that he is encouraged to keep up the good work.

Reward shouldn’t only be translated into material gifts. It should rather be encouragement in some form to make your child feel good about his work.

Rewarding children is not only an act of encouragement, but it is also a way of helping them to differentiate between good and bad deeds.

If your child has really done well in his studies, you could reward him with something he really cherishes. While this is a good idea for special occasions, make sure it does not become a habit for your child.


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