Is Nudity An Absolute No-No For Children?

Why do parents get so shocked and offended by any kind of nudity? And why do we assume that it is always be bad for a child to view? What exactly is the issue here?

It is a valid question to ask, why children should be shielded from all kinds of nudity. Surely there is nothing life-alteringly traumatizing about undressing in front of your child or having your child walk in on a bathing parent. And is it not this obsessive anti nudity attitude that makes nudity a perverse novelty?

child watching tvSurely all the shrouding in secrecy of all nudity causes an undue curiosity in children.

It is this perhaps that is responsible for so much repression and almost lascivious portrayals of nudity in the media.

Yes it is not OK for the kids to see violence, sex and nudity on TV. There is the sexual, voyeuristic connotation to nudity on TV usually.

But what if it was a documentary about certain indigenous African tribes, who don’t wear clothes, is it really necessary to blur out little bits of their anatomy? What really is the harm of letting children be aware of the male and female anatomy as it is?

This is not an easy question to answer; yet it is a valid one.

Source: Psychology Today


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