Is There Anything Like Perfect Parenting?

What is perfect parenting? There is no such thing as perfect parent.

Perfect parenting does not imply that a parent can or should even strive to be perfect.

Perfect parenting is a process whereby parents in all their weaknesses and flaws do their best to raise responsible, capable and happy children.

Parents struggle with ups and downs of parenting. You put too much pressure on yourself and on your child to do the right thing.

Parenting is not easy and you have to be willing to accept mistakes from time to time.Perfect Parenting

Not realistic! It is not realistic to be a perfect parent. There are so many things in your way to achieve this dream. You want to do most to your children but always it is not possible to make right choices all the time.

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes to achieve perfect parenting. No need to worry for that. No one is perfect no matter how hard you try.

No pressure! If you keep too much pressure to achieve perfect parenting, you can see that there will be negative effect on your children.

This makes that you are showing children that it is ok to make mistakes and that there are things in life that are going to be hard to deal with. You have to show ways to make life better and to be more productive when you are willing to make mistakes in life.

Resources! There are plenty of resources available which will help to become a better parent. No need to try for perfect parenting. You can find parenting books, parenting classes, parenting magazines, parenting education and online parenting information.

These resources will help you to make better choices when parenting your children. No need to be perfect all the time and in fact you should not act like you are.

Advice from resources! Use the advice from the resources such as movies and books you look. But, don’t feel that this is the only method of being a good parent.

To become a good parent, you can use your own judgment and make your own decisions. Keep an open mind to all the different things that come up when you are trying to be a good parent as there are many things to learn.

Don’t be too critical! You should not put too much criticism on your child. Give your child room to breath, it relaxes them and they will find out the ways to make their life better.

If your child does a mistake, don’t be harsh and explain calmly that his behavior is wrong. If you react in a positive way, your child will be positive and follows your rules without any resistance.

Trying for perfect parenting is simply impossible. Instead you can be positive parent, good parent or better parent. Perfect parenting is a trap to be avoided, not a goal to be sought.


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