Treating the Kids to a Trip to Orlando Florida

Summer break is about to take off and this is the right time to plan and treat your kids to a fantastic trip. A vacation in Orlando, Florida is a perfect treat for kids of all ages and an enjoyable destination for the adults as well. Here are the top 5 attractions of Orlando that you must take your kids to while in Orlando:

trip to orlando florida

The Magic Kingdom

Located in heart of the Disney theme park, The Magic Kingdom is the topmost attractions of Orlando. The park consists of many sections that include an Adventure Land – with exciting rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Fantasy Land – with magical rides such as flying tea cups.

The Tomorrow Land is what takes the cake with its roller coasters, Space Mountain and rockets. A visit to the Cinderella’s castle is a must and shopping at the Main Street USA is inevitable to collect a few souvenirs, at the very least.

Epcot Center

Also located in the Disney Land complex, the Epcot Center is a technology and culture based theme park. This has an educational edge to it and hence a must visit in the Orlando list. Pavilions from over 11 countries are set up in the park with each one of them giving a taste of their local cuisine and culture. The other half of the park is dedicated to the future world where everything from energy to space is practically demonstrated.

Sea World

An amazing exhibit of sea life is put up at this aquatic theme park. Live shows with tricks by dolphins, sea lions, killer whales among many others are on. The entire park is an educational tour of the who’s who of sea life. A must visit for all who love animals and those who want to acquaint themselves with aquatic creatures.

Universal Studios

A trip to Orlando would not be complete without your visit to the Universal Studios. The park has every important aspect of film making described in detail. From replicas of the famous cities and streets to the sets of the most popular movies and TV shows, get a glimpse of everything about the tinsel world.

And of course you have to experience some of the thrilling rides including ‘The Mummy’ rollercoaster and ‘The Simpsons’ ride. Florida Tix is the best way to book your tickets to Universal Studios in advance. It makes your visit hassle-free and gives you instant entry without having to wait in endless queues.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Being one of the newest attractions in Orlando, this theme park has been a hit from day one. You get to visit Hogwarts Castle, ride on some action packed roller coasters and take a ride aboard Hogwarts Express Train. You also get to shop at Harry Potter’s favorite shops such as Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop and Zonko’s Joke Shop. A visit to this park leaves you totally mesmerized.

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