Let Your Children Discover The Benefits Of Being Ignored

Here’s something you already know, but don’t know you know: Children love to be ignored. It does not mean neglecting them.

It is about ignoring them, as in being seen and not heard, out from underfoot, free to do their own thing without adults hovering neurotically over them making sure everything in their lives is all right and meaningful from moment to moment.

These days, the problem is that the overwhelming majority of American children have never experienced the benefits and blessings of being ignored; therefore, they don’t know that being ignored is the preferable state of affairs.

These children have been the center of attention in their families from day one. So, having learned that being the center of attention is essential to their well-being, they can’t tolerate being ignored; therefore, they clamor in various ways for attention.

In this regard, appearances can be deceiving. Some attention-addicts clamor for attention by being boisterous, interrupting conversations, and the like.

Other attention-addicts clamor for attention by acting like they are pitiful. The latter get adults to hover over them, asking solicitous questions like, “Is everything all right?” and “Is there something you need to talk about?”.

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