Myths About Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is a parenting style that puts the needs of the child first and foremost, while the parents adopt a gentle persuasive style of parenting with the child, even before the child is born.

This style puts great faith in building up strong bonds with the child, and maintaining those bonds, including physical and emotional attachments.

There are several kinds of myths associated with attachment parenting, including the idea that attachment parents are weird and that they perform bizarre rituals with their child.attachment parenting

Remember; most attachment parents are normal individuals, and they are not extreme in any way. Another mistaken notion is that these parents produce weird children: the truth is that this parenting style produces well adjusted and well balanced children who would become happy and healthy adults.

One of the myths of attachment parenting is that these parents eat only organic foods. This is not true at all, although it may be true that this style draws the individual towards a more natural lifestyle.

Another myth is that these parents never leave their children with a babysitter. Although it may be true that attachment parents prefer to keep their children with them most of the time, it does not mean that they never ever leave their children with a babysitter.

Several people believe that attachment parents pamper their children too much, and that they do not let their children cry at all. This is not true, although attachment parents do prefer to not leave their child to cry for long periods of time, and also to anticipate the crying bouts of the child well in advance, so that they can be prevented.

These parents believe that the sooner a parent responds to a child’s cries, the more secure and healthy he will grow up to be. It is another myth that attachment parents do not offer solid foods to their babies until he is grown past his first two years.

However, the fact is that these parents believe that a baby’s digestive systems are not ready for solid foods until he is nine to ten months old, unlike other parents who start the baby on solids when the baby is three to four months old.

Also, all attachment parents do not own a family bed, although they do prefer family closeness and therefore keep the baby in a bassinet close to their own bed.

Attachment parenting does not spoil your child, try it out!


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