5 New Year Resolutions for Parents

There is no doubt that one of the most difficult, most challenging and at the same time most rewarding jobs in the world is that of a parent. So surely a job as important as parenting deserves a set of New Year resolutions all its own?

Here are some suggestions for Parental New Year Resolutions:

1. We will have a meal together every day

Numerous experts recommend this one simple way for families to spend at least some time together every day. So if you resolve to have a meal together each day and also make sure that that resolve is implemented you know a reasonable amount about what your child did today, about their eating habits, their general mood, a reasonable estimate of the kind of friends they have and the way they choose to spend free time etc, without prying or seeming to pry.

2. I will try not to say ‘No’

Is there really reason for saying No in a given case? Are you saying ‘No’ out of habit or because you haven’t really paid attention to what the child is saying? Saying no all the time can make the children tune out in a sense. Parents should instead try and be attentive to when the child is being good and take those opportunities to praise the child.

3. I will not over schedule kids

There is school, there are hobby classes, there could also be a sport that the child is involved in. There are just so many hours in a day so don’t try to fill all of them up with activities for the kids. Leave some time over for doing quite simply, nothing! Get kids to form the habit of relaxing and unwinding, an ability that will stand them in good stead even as adults.

4. I will create opportunities for fun

Play with kids, clown around a bit. Have a rousing pillow fight, play charades together. While younger kids will enjoy physical comedy, older kids may enjoy something a little more cerebral. In this and a hundred other ways create opportunities for having fun together, laughing and enjoying time together to bond better as a family.

5. I will prioritize myself

Not prioritizing yourself and making time for the things that you enjoy can cause resentment and cause parental burn out. So remember to prioritize yourself as well by being with people you like; doing things that you enjoy.


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