Older Parents Produce More Well Rounded Children

Several recent studies of British families have concluded that a later in life birth by good use of family planning will reduce the probability of a baby born with health and brain issues, when compared to a baby born to a mom who is very young, poverty stricken and has all sorts of problems in life.

Such kids of young parents eventually grow to be poor in their language and vocabulary skills.

Boys in particular have a lesser I.Q. than their female siblings, and this gap keeps increasing by the year.child reading

On the other hand, children born to educated and well read parents who have crossed 30 year age barrier show increased cognitive abilities and lesser health issues.

In the UK, four out of eleven poor children have extreme health issues like obesity.

Studies have also demonstrated that young mothers usually have a tendency to shout at their kids and both mothers and kids tend to suffer more often from depression.

Children of younger parents also do tend towards watching the television more often while older parent’s kids have more inclination to read books.

Although this research was carried out in and may only be applicable to the United Kingdom, similar results have been found in the United States. The bottom line is that younger parents produce less well rounded children than parents who wait until their thirties to start a family.

child reading


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