Parenting A Child After Infertility

Deciding to adopt: Susan was above thirty years old and had finally given up trying for a natural child.

Her husband and she had made up their minds: “No more! Let us now think of adopting…”, even though tests had proved that both of them were normal, and could conceive if they tried some of the new radically improved methods of fertilization.

Becoming pregnant! To Susan’s amazement and boundless joy, she conceived naturally the very next month!

Her physician assured her that everything was normal, and she could go ahead with the pregnancy, and he also told her that it was a combination of work related stress, age, and the desperate desire to have a baby that was the culprit.

The moment the couple had decided that they would stop trying and that they would adopt, Susan’s mind must have relaxed automatically, thereby giving her body a chance to conceive the long awaited bundle of joy.

Experts say that this is a common enough phenomenon, and that if one tries to relax, the chances of conception would increase manifold.

Tips for parents after years of infertility: Imagine being a parent after years and years of trying and failing, and after investing hundreds and thousands of dollars into expensive treatments in the hope that you would finally have a biological baby, someone to call your own!

The joy and happiness must be indescribable! However, there are some tips that a new parent, especially one who has become a parent after long years of infertility must keep in mind.

  1. Experts feel that infertile parents do tend to lay down higher standards of parenting upon themselves, because of the simple fact that they think that they have been granted something special, a boon, after several years of desperation and envy of other parents; they almost feel like they are superheroes! If you are one such parent, avoid this, while knowing that this is normal for a parent in your situation.
  2. These parents do feel a heightened sense of fear for their child’s health, more so than normal parents. While normal parents find that they can vent off steam by cribbing about their offspring with other parents, these parents feel great guilt for even entertaining such negative thoughts about their child, whether it is biological or adopted. If you are such a parent, avoid these pitfalls.
  3. These parents will hesitate to share with others their conception and pregnancy stories, and they keep it all to themselves. For parents who have conceived their child after years of treatment, it may be difficult to share with others the context of their reproduction, and experts state that perhaps this may affect their future relationship with their child. If you are such a parent, avoid this, knowing at the same time that this is completely normal for a parent in your position. Share with others your success story, and your boundless happiness and joy!

Best Advice for an infertile parent: The best advice for an infertile parent can be this: Do not worry, be happy, and enjoy your child, he is yours to keep!


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