Parents Spend 49 Minutes A Day With Kids – Survey

According to a new survey as reported by the BBC, parents spend an average of 49 minutes a day with kids. The main reason cited by parents for this paucity of time to spend with their children is money. Many parents say that it is money that is the obstacle to them spending more time with their children.

This attitude is seen to rub off on kids as well, since for many of the children surveyed said that money was more important even than their health, education, sport or music.

parents spending with kidsAs for the kids themselves, a majority stated that they were happy to be at home with parents rather than going out.

According to Eileen Hayes, parenting adviser at the children’s charity, childhood memories consist of moments when a child is valued by their parents and is listened to knowing they are cared for.

Rather than a fancy new toy, children may value this more.

Rather than spending money on their kids, it is more important for parents to spend time with them, even if it is time spent doing everyday things. The fact is that kids want to spend more time with their parents. Parents, are you listening?


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