Tips to Rear a Bookworm Child

“Nothing gives you as much pleasure, pain and satisfaction as storybooks. When entrapped in the maze of the lines of the alluring book, you start an exquisite journey along the pages which becomes a memorable one.” The previous lines characterize the conventional viewpoint of an avid reader.

Just as much as these words stand true, the fact that the habit of reading books must be inculcated within the kids since their early childhood also holds true. The intrusion of television and advanced technological equipments in the market has inflicted threat upon the books, which bears the outcome of dwindling population of children sustaining the reading habit in them.

This article highlights some approaches which can be adopted by agitated parents in order to re-inculcate the love for reading in their children, who are reluctant to read books:

rear a bookworm child

Tips for Encouraging Kids to Read

The tips arrayed below may help you to build some reading interests in your child who is a typical, reluctant reader:

Leave books scattered

Though this is against the basic homemaking principle of keeping things tidy, this might prove to be an effective measure in your quest. When books are strewn all over your house, children often tend to pick them up and read. An unbeatable yet simple technique.


In case your kid is highly tech-savvy, you can try to fixate him on reading books, by downloading free e-books available online. There are some story book apps equipped with music, sound and animation and most importantly good stories to develop that thirst for reading in your child.

Bookstore visits

Pay visit to bookstores now and then, with your kids. When your kid rummages through the book out of curiosity and selects one to read, buy that, irrespective of their standard. If the book is challenging, reading together will ignite the yearning to read further. After the initial endeavor, you can buy them books of their suitable level.

“Tell me a story”

It has been recorded that naptime stories read out from books can help the children to develop that innate craving for books. Also, arrange for some story-telling sessions with your child which involve him reading out a story to you. Reading together will apparently add up to the previous fun.


Encourage your children in their reading quest by preparing a record of their achievement. This way you can keep them updated regarding their accomplishments in reading, and maybe that can be followed by any kind of incentives such as chocolates.


The reading of a book must not be an end to it. To ensure that the essence of the reading experience is sustained for long periods of time, ask your children questions regarding the storyline and discuss with them over the characters in the books.

Reading experience is ethereal. In order to maintain and preserve that habit, you yourself must be an avid reader, as the norm follows: Charity begins at home.


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