Reduce Your Morning Madness By Developing Daily Work Routine!

The whole day goes better only when the morning activities go softly.

For example, if your morning start is not good, your every task in the morning gets delayed and you reach late to your office and the remaining day goes rushing.

You will be even tensed when you have to see your child’s requirements also.

In order to avoid this morning madness, the best way is to develop your work routine

If you develop such work routines, your children and rest of the family will also come to know what they can contribute and your family will work as a team. By doing so, the family work will be less stressful to you.

Tips to develop your work routine!

Prepare maximum at the night to make your morning move smoothly, such as preparing your clothes, underwear, hair accessories, shoes, socks, etc one hour before going to your bed.

Also, make your children prepare their clothes and their book bag ready for the next morning. This way they will get habituated with these routines, which will help you to decrease the stress in the mornings. [Parenting Stress]

In the night itself, plan what food you are going to prepare for the breakfast and lunch, so that it will be easier for you to cook in the morning.

Arrange the breakfast table the night itself, such as keeping your coffeepot ready for the first cup of coffee in the morning. Set the breakfast table and prepare and pack the lunch items.

At the same time, wakeup timing is also very important. As parents, it is best for you to get up half an hour before your children wake up. This helps you to take shower peacefully. You can also have enough time to dress.

Before your children wakes up, you can prepare the breakfast and pack the lunch items, so that when they wake up the only thing they need to do is brushing, bathing, and dressing. After the breakfast, they will leave for school.

It is better to avoid some unnecessary chores and duties in the morning. You will need to think only the things, which are important and need to be done each morning and the remaining you just forget about. Doing unexpected chores in the morning cause rush to finish on time.

You and your children sit together and determine how much time it will take for your children to complete their homework assignments. It is better to complete the homework before they participate in any other after school activities.

Schedule timings and create a quiet environment for your children to study. Completing the work and getting prepared for the next day helps you to avoid morning madness.

Hang the calendar in the center of your home if possible. It will be helpful to remember the appointments by writing the events of that particular day for everyone. You should keep the calendar up-to-date.

The most important thing in avoiding morning madness is avoiding overload. Developing routine activities helps everyone to have a peaceful, pleasant, and smooth start of the day and alleviates the morning madness.


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