Should I Allow My Child To Join In Co-Curricular Activities?

Isn’t it that we send our children to school so that they will learn how to read and write? Frankly, school is not just about ABCs and numbers.

There are many other things in school which children can enjoy like joining different after school co-curricular activities.

Getting into sports, joining school clubs, and many others can be good for your child.

As parents, we often think of these activities negatively. They take up most of our child’s time and make them too tired later on to even study their lessons or do their assignments. Plus we can no longer spend more time with our children.Co-Curricular Activities

However, we should bear in mind that children need to be exposed to various learning experiences and the best way to do is by joining in co-curricular activities.

The Benefits of Joining in Co-Curricular Activities

  • Develop social skills by interacting with other children
  • Develop cooperation and sense of responsibility
  • Improve skills and discover hidden potentials
  • Make new friends
  • Help boost self-confidence

With so many benefits your child can get in getting involved in co-curricular activities, you must encourage him or her to join one. Co-curricular activities are so much fun plus your child can learn a lot from them.


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