Teen Parenting? Parents Need to Listen Too!

As a parent, you should have important skill that is the ability to listen.

This skill becomes critical as your child enters their teenage years.

Listening is more than physically hearing the words that your kid is speaking to you.

You can hear what your teen is saying even without listening to him. When you actively listen to your teen, your manner is showed. Your teen will take note of this and finds that you are truly caring about what he is saying.Teen Parenting

Teen parenting involves actively listening to your teen. If you don’t listen actively, you can’t fully realize the problem that is going on. This ends up in solving the problem that does not exist frustrating your teen.

Active listening in teen parenting helps to solve teenage problems and also helps in preventing problems from occurring. Teen parenting involves interest in what your teen is telling you. Teenagers can easily find out whether you are really interested what they are saying by just observing your response.

Giving complete attention to them while they are talking is important in teen parenting. Don’t become distracted by the television, telephone or other distractions.

Eye contact is the main thing while you are listening to your teen. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation to show your teen that you are really interested in their matters.

Maintaining patience with teen is important in teen parenting. Human brains can think much faster than they are able to speak. Limited vocabulary and lack of experience with talking obstruct teens from expressing their feelings.

You should understand that it takes a little more time for your teen to express his thoughts. Give impression in such a way that you have plenty of time to listen to your teen.

Teen parenting needs patience, so don’t become impatient. If he senses that you are impatient, he becomes nervous and the process further slows down. Don’t cut in between while he was talking to you. Allow him to finish his talking.

After finishing his talking, you express your opinion. One more important thing in teen parenting is, don’t reject your teen’s opinion simply because he is a teen. It might be hard to listen to your teen respectfully, but you should respect your teen’s right to have opinions.

Before your teen completes to express his opinions, you start expressing your opinions; your teen feels that he is pushed away. Teen parenting needs much more patience. He will become hesitant to talk to you again.

While teen parenting, observe your teen’s facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice to know what your teen is trying to tell you.

If you don’t understand what your teen is trying to explain, ask questions to find out more information. Don’t put closed-ended questions as they can lead the conversation to an end. Ask you teen questions which have the chance to further express himself.

Once your teen has finished talking, you repeat what he has said in your own words. This helps to make sure that you have understood the matter the way that your teen wanted you to.

Important thing in teen parenting is avoid finishing your teen’s thoughts and sentences. Your teen feels that you are trying to rush the conversation and are not listening to him patiently.

Teen parenting is a difficult job, but good communication with your teen helps to maintain a good relationship with your teen.


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