The Effects Of Significant Human Experiences On Your Child

Are you one of those parents who often restrict their children from going out of the house, play with other kids in the neighborhood, or join in activities?

It is only normal to be protective of our children but we must avoid overdoing it. Children also need to learn on their own and become more independent.

Experience is the best teacher. As a parent, you must expose your child to things which will allow him/her to learn about the world and discover himself/herself. Here are the effects of significant human experiences on your child:self confidence

1. Learning by doing

The best way for a child to learn something is by actually experiencing it first hand. She/he will never forget something if he/she is able to experience the actual thing.

2. Boost self confidence and self esteem

Experiences can make your child more confident[self confidence] about his/her capabilities. Once your child becomes exposed to different situations, he/she will learn to adapt to it.

3. Become more independent

How else would your child stand on his/her own feet if you are always there like a watchdog? Allow your child to experience things alone so he/she will avoid relying too much on you.

Significant human experiences are indeed very helpful in rearing your child. You should help provide them these experiences by being supportive every step of the way.


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