The Lindsay Lohan Story – Parents To Blame?

Hollywood’s favorite delinquent, Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into a number of very public problems, the recent most being the fact that she has been ordered by court to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

lindsay lohanIn the turmoil that typifies Lohan’s life, she has often lashed out at her parents and the poor relationship she obviously shares with them.

There are certainly enough contributors to the theory that had her parents been better at parenting things may have turned out different for their beleaguered child.

This write up points to a lot of evidence to support the theory that Lohan’s parents are to blame for her problems. Mother Dina Lohan seems to revel in all the negative publicity that her daughter inadvertently gets.

Father Michael Lohan has battled personal demons, gone to jail and has cashed in on his troubled relationship with his daughter by going public and saying hurtful things to his own daughter in the media.

You could say that a lot of Lindsay’s problems are of her own making, but then her parents hardly make any kind of role models for good behavior! With kids it is very much a case of practice what you preach; you cannot say “Do as I say not as I do”. Lead by example and set a good example; that is the way parenting has to go.


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