The McDonald Suits – Who Really Is at Fault

One of the reasons often put forward for the rising rates of obesity among kids is the clever marketing of unhealthy fast food by the likes of McDonalds and other chains – their insidious advertising, happy meals and so on, make unhealthy food very attractive to parents, leading to a number of suits against McDonalds.

However, there is a very valid argument made for parents taking responsibility for what their kids eat

  • Yes things like burgers, fries and cookies are unhealthy for kids, but then who is the one buying all of this and giving it to the kids.
  • McDonalds have been giving free toys since the past 30 years, so why the furor now? And how about just buying the toys; you don’t have to buy the food that comes along with it!
  • Even fast food chains offer some healthy options but how many of us take them? Do we substitute the fries with apple slices; or the coke with milk or apple juice?
  • How many parents set boundaries that a fast food meal is possible, at best, only once a week? It is in fact very convenient to just buy these fast food items to go for parents.
  • How about this simple option for parents – just cook at home!


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