The Obstacles Parents With Multiples Face In Treating Each Child As An Individual 

All parents are faced with the problem of treating each of their siblings as separate individuals, in families with more than one child.

It becomes even more demanding when these children are multiples; be it twins, triplets or more.

In all numerous families each child wants to be treated for what he or she is individually, and in most cases with two or more children, parents can overcome these difficulties due to the age gap between the brothers or sisters.parenting

Children of different ages for instance have diverse interests and need different measures of attention; the older ones are given responsibilities in order to help their parents, thus feeling compensated in this way, while younger ones still need a little extra attention.

In the case of multiples there is no age gap, the daily interests and routines they go through are very similar.

Parents of multiples have a hard time in these cases to treat each one as an individual.

Involuntarily, people tend to categorize multiples and constantly put them into competition amongst one another due to their similarities.

Their parents inevitably feel quite frustrated or guilty for not being able, at all times to give each child their undivided attention.

But they should not feel that way; it is an inevitable problem that children will usually learn to accept.


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