Top 3 Parenting Styles For Responsible Parents

Parenting styles have been a topic of conversation for a very long time now. Times have changed and today, parents have become more flexible as compared to those parents during the 1800’s or early 1900’s. This is often the case due to the evolution of general human behavior which does not spare the concept of current parenting styles.

During earlier times, families usually followed the patriarchal structure of parenting styles. This means that the man of the house, usually the father, was the total disciplinarian of all aspects of the household.

This also meant that the children followed their father’s wishes where the mother usually had very little say about how discipline was to be imposed.

Today, we see a very different way of raising children through more diverse parenting styles.

In general, parenting styles today follow a more reasonable and understanding atmosphere of the children themselves, and not only focused on the beliefs of the parents themselves.

To be more specific, here are some of the basic parenting styles that most families usually follow today. To avoid confusion, here are the most common parenting styles every parent must know:

1. Mature-Democratic Approach

These parenting styles focus on allowing the child to make decisions for themselves. Treating the child like a grown up promotes for a more democratic relationship between parents and child in which mature interactions and reasoning can be made between them.

Certain rules and regulations that the parents want the children to follow is usually properly talked about which, in turn, allows for better reasoning.

The parents encourage the children to speak their mind and vice versa. Independent solutions and reasoning is the key to these parenting styles.

2.  Permissive Approach

These parenting styles, is in essence, more focused on the independence in authority of the children over their parents. Usually in this kind of setting, the parents have very little control over the actions, thoughts, and behavior of their child.

Depending on the actual setting of these families, here we will see that children have more diverse options to the choices they make with little or no regard for what their parents have to say. This approach is known to be very lax and complacent.

3.  Authoritative Approach

In this approach, parents make sure that their children have little or no contradictions to what they have to say or impose. Rules on child behavior is often final and absolute which leave the children no other choice than to follow what their parents have to say.

When children fail to follow what they are told to do, there are corresponding actions and consequences that follow shortly to make sure proper discipline is done to stress their point.

Remember that parenting styles are usually different depending on the family itself, and the family background in which parents grew up in. something these styles are also a testament for change which the parents have always wanted and believed to be best for their own family.


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