Traveling with Children: 7 Handy Tips

When you are all set to explore an exciting trip with your kids, make sure your plan is rightly strategized. Before you leave, check through every element right from what’s in your kid’s luggage up to if you have picked up your house keys.

Here’s a list of tips and advice which can keep your children safe and help you to give them a great travel experience:

1. Know the climatic conditions

Before you even plan your trip, check with your travel agent for the climatic conditions of your holiday spot. If you travel during heavy rain or cold winds, your kids are likely to fall ill. You can plan your trip when the climate is just moderate.

2. Keep the luggage light

Keep your luggage light and easy, as you have to handle your kids more than those huge bags. Stuff in things which are really necessary for your children, such as light clothes, eatables, first-aid box, toys, etc. You can’t afford to miss out on what your child needs, thus make and check your packing list before you leave.

3. Book the accommodation ahead

Make sure you have done a prior room booking with the help of your travel agent. If the place is a holiday spot, it would be tough to get a room after you reach. Usually kids get restless if they don’t find a place to relax after traveling. So check for a hotel that is affordable and in the core of the city so that you can commute easily. And do carry mosquito nets for baby beds as most hotels don’t provide you with the same.

4. Call up the folks at home

Once you have arrived don’t forget to make international phone calls to your folks back home. Since you are with your children, your family would certainly be worried about you. It’s better to register with a suitable calling service so that you get the benefit of making free calls. Thus your loved ones can hear you and your kids whenever they wish to, knowing that you all are safe and sound.

5. Don’t bore your kids

On your holiday don’t bore your kids by shopping or sleeping for hours in your hotel room. Get to know their interests, and take them to interesting places such as zoos, museums, gaming centers, historic places, etc. If it’s not safe to travel during the nights then read stories or play interesting board games with them.

6. Keep any eye on what you eat

The food and water of a new place always need to be checked in terms of taste and hygiene. Once in a while you can try out the best cuisines of the place. But the healthy option is to give your kids packed food or take them to eat-outs which are greatly hygienic. Don’t take a chance with water as that could ruin your health. Have only bottled or boiled water.

7. Beware of strangers

While you are on the road or traveling in a new place, be aware of strangers or suspicious people. Have fun with your kids and let them enjoy too but be alert all the time. There could be thieves or even kidnappers, so keep your kids before your sight all the time.


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