Ways Of Effective Parenting In Bringing Up Your Children With Discipline!

Consistency is the key for effective parenting.

Both punishment and praise are involved in effective parenting.

Your reactions to good behavior or misbehavior should be modified to fit your child’s needs.

Effective parenting means finding the results that fit the bad behavior.

Whatever the technique works for one child may not work for another. Each child is different. Find out in what way effective parenting works for your child.Effective Parenting

Problem With Children!

As a parent, you face many problems in raising your children. You face problem when your child does not do what they are told. Children while growing up misbehave and act in an unacceptable way. Your reaction is important while parenting children. You can make or break the effectiveness of your discipline method.

Consistency Is The Key In Effective Parenting!

Consistency is important in effective parenting. You ask your child to put on their shoes and get ready for school. What if your child ignores you? Remind your child again. Ask your child to repeat what you said. If your child responds now, praise him.

If they don’t follow your instruction and stare at you, get your child’s full attention. Tell your child in a firm voice and be specific about what you are asking them to do.

Still if it not works, give warning once. Tell your child the outcomes if he is not going to do what you have said. You know better what will work for your child. A time-out, denying television, or putting away a favorite toy can work.

Apply The Consequences!

If your child is still refusing your request, apply the consequences immediately. If you don’t carry out the consequences immediately, your discipline will be ineffective. Effective parenting works to keep your children in discipline.

A parent had a problem with her child getting ready for school in the morning. The problem was solved in an unusual way. Her daughter always refuses to dress up. She always wants to stay in her pajamas.

After days of pleading, cajoling and promising punishment by her parent, finally gave up. The next morning also her daughter refused to get dressed. Her mother told her to get her shoes, have breakfast and told her to go to school in pajamas. But she must go to school. After that her daughter never refused to dress up for school.

Actions On Your Child’s Behavior!

What type of actions you have to perform when your child refuses to do what they are asked? If your child is showing good behavior, you have to notice the behavior and praise him immediately which is the formula for effective parenting.

If your child does not do what he is asked, carry out the consequences immediately for effective parenting to work. The consequences should be brief and fitted to the action of misbehavior. Children observe that consequences will not be good if they are not going to do what they are asked.


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