What Are The Myths Of Perfect Mother Parenting?

Your idea was to achieve perfect mother parenting.

You might have a role model of perfect mother parenting.

But, you don’t feel like you have earned the title of perfect mother parenting.

When a child is born, he will not come equipped with a guarantee or an instruction manual.

You will learn parenting skills after becoming a parent. It is nothing but a trial and error method you will follow. If it works for someone, there is no rule that the same works for you.Mother Parenting

Myths of Perfect Mother Parenting:

No one is perfect! Forget about the perfect mother parenting issue. Nobody lives to that title. Nobody is perfect and so you are. Do not think always that you have not achieved the perfect mother parenting. Do not feel that you are not a perfect mother to your children.

Perfect mother parenting is found only in television shows but not in real life. You are not perfect and make mistakes and have regrets. But, you should not feel guilty that you are not a perfect parent.

Mother’s day and father’s day come once in a year. Both mother and father think that whether they are good enough to get a special greeting from their children. They also think that did they taught respect and love to their children, did they do enough for children and did they help in growing children into stronger adults.

Don’t be embarrassed! Don’t feel guilty and get embarrassed. If you have raised your children with love and affection, you will get that love in return from your children even if you did make a few mistakes.

Be comfortable with little on mother’s day and father’s day if your children have not accepted you as perfect parents. You can celebrate by looking at the pictures of your children when they were young and feel happy and thankful for the opportunity to be as a parent.

Every child tries to convince their parents to give special freedom which the parents are not prepared for. Your child also says that other parents are giving freedom to their children and why not you. Do not feel guilty and don’t be tempted to achieve perfect mother parenting by giving freedom to your children.

You are led to believe that perfect mother parenting exists somewhere and you often feel guilty about your defects as a parent. You always think of past when you lost your cool, increased your voice or meltdown in front of your kids.

It’s alright if you are an imperfect parent and not following perfect mother parenting. You might have observed the perfect mother parenting but it is not a reality. Realize that everyone is imperfect and so you are and accept yourself as the parent you are.


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